Changes to online banking 2
Scheduled Bill Payments & Transfers View e-Documents Messages and Alerts Account Services Profile and Settings Transfers Messages

Scheduled Bill Payments & Transfers

When first logging on to the new e-Caisse, members see a quick overview of upcoming Scheduled Bill Payments and Transfers on the right-hand side of the page.

View e-Documents

In addition to displaying monthly cheque images, the View e-Documents subpage, under My Accounts, includes RRSP contribution receipts, CRA Tforms (T5, T4 RSP & T4RIF) and a document listing all the accounts' billers.

Messages and Alerts

Under the Manage Alerts subpage, members can choose to be alerted for Online Login, PAC Changed or New Payee Added. Members can view their Alerts History.

Account Services

If members activate QuickView on their mobile device and it is lost or stolen, they can deactivate the feature through the Mobile Banking App subpage.

Profile and Settings

Members can now add up to 5 memorized logins under Manage Memorized Accounts.


Through the subpage Manage Scheduled Transfers, members can now choose to Edit recurring and/or future-dated transfers without having to Delete and begin anew.


New Messages will appear at the top of the quick overview page upon login - but only if you have an unread message - and are accessed through the View Messages subpage. The Financial Reminders section will display investments maturing in the next 30 days.