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Caisse 85 Beer Launch

As part of its 85th anniversary celebrations, Caisse Financial Group proudly partnered with Caisse member Nonsuch Brewing Co. to produce “Caisse 85”; a raspberry sour beer with a limited-edition label design. This limited-edition beer (now available for purchase at Nonsuch’s taproom or online here) will mainly be available at Patio 340, one of Winnipeg’s most beautiful patios, which is presented by Caisse Financial Group for a second year in a row. 

As part of this project, long-time Caisse partner Centre Flavie, a charity which serves as an ally in the battle against poverty, will receive a portion of the sales for their garden project. 

The label design is a collaboration between Nonsuch’s visual design team and Caisse’s Sophie Dumontier. The ‘85’ logo which is featured prominently on the can, holds symbolic elements that represent Caisse, such as their old mascot, Poplico, the Caisse Mobile, the Provencher corporate office and some of its communities such as the La Broquerie cow, the St. Claude pipe, the St. François Xavier horse and the Franco-Manitoban flag. 

We wanted to find an innovative way to mark our 85th anniversary. Involving a few of our community partners made absolute sense to us because, as a financial cooperative, cooperation is at the heart of all we do. When we contacted Nonsuch Brewing, they hopped in with both feet as did Patio 340 (CCFM) and Centre Flavie.

Joël Rondeau,
C.E.O. at Caisse Financial Group

I have deep personal ties to Caisse. My mother spent over 23 years working for the organization. Starting out as a teller and moving her way to regional management, Caisse harkens memories of my childhood life at home. When the team at Caisse approached us with the concept, we were on board immediately. It’s been nothing but a pleasure getting this all organized with their team and we’re glad we were involved in helping them celebrate their 85th anniversary. What a milestone!

Matthew Sabourin,
Co-Founder/President at Nonsuch Brewing Co.

The official launch of the partnership took place last Thursday, July 7 at Patio 340. Representatives from Caisse, Nonsuch and Centre Flavie each took the time to say a few words about the project and their implications. The patio was filled with over a hundred members and employees, well as their friends and family. Everyone was treated to a tasting of “Caisse 85” beer, a few bites to eat and Caisse promotional items. There was an excellent turnout, and the weather and ambiance were fantastic!