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Transfer Your Balances at 3.9%

This offer is available exclusively on new accounts opened by credit union members who carry a Desjardins or CUETS/MBNA credit card.

Terms and Conditions

Between March 1 and December 31, 2021, this special 3.9% annual interest rate applies to balance transfers
on all consumer and business credit card accounts (Cash Back, Classic, Centra Gold, Travel Rewards Gold,
World Mastercard, Visa Infinite, No Fee Cash Back Business, Low Rate Business, Platinum Business
Mastercard and Visa Infinite Business), except the US Dollar card.

Please refer to your Cardholder Agreement for further details regarding Collabria credit cards. You can also
access this agreement at https://www.collabriacreditcards.ca/cardholder-agreement to see the agreement that
applies to the card of your choice.

Balance transfers can be requested after the cardholder receives and
activates their card. They can initiate a balance transfer via MyCardInfo (online banking), at their branch or by
contacting Cardholder Services. The cardholder requires the destination biller/payee name as well as the
account/card# associated with the account. The minimum transfer amount without promotional offers is

The special 3.9% annual interest rate for balance transfers is
available for 90 days from the date of new account opening and applies for 6 months from the date of
transfer. In order to receive this special 3.9% rate cardholder must apply promo code 2021 in the promo
code field in MyCardInfo at time of performing balance transfer transaction. When the promotional rate
ends, your standard interest rate will apply.

The promo code 2021 can only be used during the promotional period on new accounts opened between
January 2, 2021 – December 31, 2021. This offer may be withdrawn or ended at any time without prior
notice. This offer applies to all consumer and business credit cards, except US Dollar card. Account credits
on a credit card, which is the money the card issuer owes you, cannot be transferred as a balance transfer to
a Collabria credit card.

This promotional offer does not apply to transfers between Collabria accounts.** Please continue to make
your regular payments on transferred accounts until you receive confirmation that the transfer has been

In order to receive the special 3.9% annual interest rate for balance transfers, a minimum transfer amount of
$500 is required and you can transfer as many balances as your credit card limit allows, as long as first
balance transfer is performed within 90 days of new account opening and as long as each transfer is $500 or
more. The minimum transfer amount without promotional offers is $100. Review all terms and conditions for
complete details.

**To identify a Collabria-issued credit card, please check the credit card back; the issuer (Collabria) is always
stated on the bottom left corner. If the credit card issuer is listed as Collabria, this card is not eligible for a
balance transfer to another Collabria-issued credit card.

Collabria Financial Services Inc. (“Collabria”) is an independent entity from your credit union with no
ownership interest in the other. If you choose to obtain Collabria credit card services through a referral
from your credit union, it will receive compensation from Collabria.

The Collabria Visa Card is issued by Collabria Financial Services Inc. pursuant to a license from Visa.
*Trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under license.